SQLSoft3 Shrinks IT Pro, Developer and Security Training Costs by 30% to 50%

Seattle, WA − SQLSoft3, the third iteration of one of the top Microsoft-certified IT Professional, Developer, and Security training organizations in the U.S., is cutting the cost of taking IT training classes by 30% to 50%.

Reducing the price for IT training to this extent is an unusual step, but SQLSoft3 feels this is the best way to publicize their new products and services and help people at the same time. Instead of using costly traditional advertising to promote their
Azure, SQL Server, Windows 10, Windows Server, SharePoint, System Center, Visual Studio, Exchange, and Skype classes, SQLSoft3 decided that selling their classes for less was a better way to go. This could potentially save those students and companies purchasing multiple classes thousands of dollars.

To make this possible, SQLSoft3 also built their business in the cloud and reduced overhead to help shrink the prices even further for their:

  • Live IT Professional and Developer instructor-led classes
  • New low-cost recorded Microsoft MOC On-Demand classes
  • Custom training classes that SQLSoft3 organizes for the IT professional and developer staff at Costco, Boeing, Premera, and other national and global companies.

Throughout its 20+ years, SQLSoft3 has always tried to keep customer needs in mind. “When they jokingly asked us to reduce the cost of the classes, our customers didn’t realize that we would actually take them up on it,” smiled Mark Scott, Head Catalyst and CEO of SQLSoft3. “We believe in offering relevant classes and quality services at fair prices supported by a courteous staff. It is a simple model and it helps me to sleep at night,” Scott said.

How much do classes cost now? SQLSoft3 IT Professional, Developer, and Security classes run the gamut from low-cost 30-40 hour recorded training called Microsoft MOC On-Demand that usually sells for $800-$1,000 to live instructor-led IT classes sold by others for as much as $3,000. The SQLSoft3 price? SQLSoft3 sells MOC On-Demand classes for $495 and $1,795 for most five-day Microsoft Official Curriculum classes. These prices will continue through July of this year.

“I’m continually impressed with the team at SQLSoft3 as I’ve followed this organization with interest over many years. For them to innovate new efficient and economical educational approaches comes as no surprise,” said Harry Brelsford, founder of SMB Nation. SMB Nation is an events and media company for the SMB IT professional, VAR, MSP, and SMB channel community. “To introduce this kind of training model right now is extremely good timing as many IT Pros and Developers are seeking not only to improve their skills but also, in many cases, retrain and start over.”

About SQLSoft3

SQLSoft3 is the home of reality-priced IT Professional, Developer, and Security training for Azure, SQL Server, Identity Management, Windows 10, Windows Server, Sharepoint, System Center, Visual Studio, Exchange, Skype and more. SQLSoft3 offers the lowest prices for Microsoft MOC On-Demand training in the known Universe and continues to deliver live IT Instructor-led training to individuals as well as national and global companies. Over the past 20+ years, they have trained over 50,000+ IT Professionals and Developers.