Microsoft MOC On-Demand Courses Get a Facelift

mod_book_200x200Microsoft is scheduled to release an update to their MOC On-Demand course delivery modality.  The platform will be hosted on Skillpipe beginning Sep/29/2016 late November.  Skillpipe is the company that currently hosts Microsoft’s digital courseware (dMOC).

There are number of enhancements to the MOC On-Demand platform including;

  • MOC On-Demand courses are now visible in your Skillpipe course library including completion and comprehension statistics and the ability to print a course completion certificate
  • Knowledge checks have been distributed more frequently through the content vs at the end of a large topic
  • The video timeline is now annotated with key sections of the content
  • Four new knowledge check question formats have been introduced including fill in responses
  • Module assessments must be fully completed before they are scored
  • Lab steps are integrated inside the lab environment to minimize the need to flip between content and labs
  • You must score 70% accuracy on assessments to be able to print a course completion certificate
  • Enhanced reporting to help manage a teams progress through the course

This update appears to be a step in the right direction offering improved learner engagement and feedback.  The addition of learner progress reporting will certainly be welcomed by team leaders and training managers.  There are currently over 30 MOC On-Demand titles and the top 16 titles will be available on the new Skillpipe platform the middle of October end of November with the rest of the titles available sometime thereafter.

Click here for a complete list of over 30 courses available as MOC On-Demand.