Webinar: Build LOB integration solutions Azure Logic Apps

SQLSoft3 Exclusive! Attend this webinar if you or your staff would you like to know more about Azure Logic Apps and how you can use them to build LOB integration solutions.

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Please join Rob Callaway (QuickLearn) and Mark Scott (SQLSoft3) for a will-not-cost-you-a-thing 30-minute webinar:

Webinar: Build LOB integration solutions Azure Logic Apps
Thursday, March 16 at 10 AM PST

Integration in the Cloud is the lifeblood of many organizations whether we acknowledge it or not. Seamless connections between data and processes using Azure Logic apps makes business run smoother and our lives easier.

This SPECIAL ONE-TIME ONLY webinar is focused on how the proliferation of cloud-based services has made good integration even more essential. Azure Logic Apps is a technology for creating integration processes including Line-of-Business (LOB) products or services.

Whether connecting cloud-services to each other or enabling cloud/on-premises hybrid solutions, Azure Logic Apps is a tool you’ll want by your side. Remote-only. Limited seating.

Who should attend?
Anyone who is interested in understanding how to use Azure Logic Apps to connect cloud-services to each other or to enable cloud/on-premises hybrid solutions including: Solution Architects, Developers, BizTalk experts, and IT professionals or IT Management who want to know more about connecting cloud-services.

We will be discussing:
•The need for modern integration tools in an enterprise
•How your organization can benefit from using Azure Logic Apps
•Typical Azure Logic App scenarios
•Development of new Azure Logic App workflows
•Costs associated with using Azure Logic Apps

You will walk away knowing more about:
•Integration issues facing the modern enterprise
•How Azure Logic Apps can help address integration problems in your organization •The investments needed to get started building Azure Logic Apps

Rob Callaway
Rob Callaway is one of the key Technologists at QuickLearn, an IT training and consulting firm that helps organizations and individuals learn and master Microsoft developer technologies, including BizTalk, Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services, and Visual Studio.

Rob is a BizTalk Server Specialist, Instructor, and Consultant with twelve years of BizTalk experience across all the versions since BizTalk 2004. He was also involved with writing the Microsoft Official Curriculum for BizTalk Server.