About Us

SQLSoft companies have trained over 50,000 IT professionals and developers since its humble beginnings back in 1988. As an owner of a technical training company over most of the last 25 years I’ve seen a lot of change. I used to pay attention to the number of parking stalls, classroom equipment, what kind of soda, coffee and snacks were in the breakroom, and how to deal with the occasional student who needed to attend class from a remote location — which in the early days meant putting a telephone on a stool in the front of the classroom near the instructor.

A funny thing happened at work today … there were no students in the classrooms but our classrooms were full.

In the last 5 years I’ve seen more and more students abandoning the traditional classroom and opting instead to take training from their home or office. In fact, for those students that actually do come into a training facility, most end up taking the remainder of the course from home after the first day. They skip out of the training facility with a friendly wave and a grin knowing they aren’t going to have to deal with traffic for the rest of the week and knowing exactly what snacks are in the fridge at home.

No more “Can you turn the heat up?”.

The technology landscape is always changing and server virtualization, remote delivery and collaboration platforms have matured to the point where they are an excellent alternative to a traditional classroom and it’s a lot easier to control the temperature!

It was bound to happen … I’m a bit obsessive about efficiencies

SQLSoft3 has shed the bricks and mortar and offers you a quality, live, instructor-led, immersive training experience delivered to your remote location whether that is your home or office – at a substantially lower cost. There are a number of training alternatives out there but let’s face it – when you want to learn something rather than fix something; hands-on, immersive training with a live instructor is still your best option. We’ve been at this a long time and you can be assured that SQLSoft3 will continue to seek out and deliver relevant content at fair price by a knowlegeable and friendly staff.

The entire (small staff) look forward to serving you as the third iteration of SQLSoft – SQLSoft3.

Mark Scott
Chief Catalyst