Identity Management Training

It was tough enough to manage users, access and security when we lived in an “on-prem” world.  With more and more workloads being moved to the cloud purposefully or through “shadow IT” the challenge of providing users with secure access to corporate resources has never been more relevant and can’t be ignored.

Simple username/password security is not much of a deterrent for hackers today.  Multi factor authentication (MFA) is an improvement and machine learning is helping to keep “bad actors” out and reduce the false positives which prevent legitimate users from getting access to their work.

Planning for and implementing access and identity management (determining who you let in the “front door” and what “rooms” they can get into) is crucial for an organization and not a trivial task.  Your users can’t be productive if they cant get to the information needed to do their job.  At the same time there are plenty of governance, risk, and compliance reasons you need to prevent access to certain information.

Sounds challenging doesn’t it.  Fortunately, SQLSoft3 has a great working relationship with our partner, Oxford Computer Group, dating back to the late 90’s and is pleased to include their Access and Identity Management courses delivered by their expert staff in our course offerings.

OCG is a top Microsoft partner that is all about Secure Identity: ensuring that the right people get access to the data they need when they need it, and that the wrong people can’t get data they shouldn’t – and also that bad actors can’t break the system.

Every significant enterprise is rolling out cloud services, making data protection, cyber security and corporate governance ever more important. OCG acts as trainers and trusted advisors, helping clients plan great identity and access strategy, and designing secure solutions that allow them to be efficient, manage risk, stay in control and stay future-proof.

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