Quality and Price

If you could get the same quality IT Pro and Developer training for less $$$, would you?

One of the toughest tasks we have is keeping the SQLSoft3 brand relevant for a new generation of customers, yet retain our core values and focus on the same high-quality training we have offered over the last 20+ years. When we considered evolving SQLSoft3, we saw that the cost of running the classes had reduced considerably while the quality of our classes had only gotten better over the years. The final question then was, what do our customers need?

The answer was obvious – reduce the price to our customers. And that’s what we did with MOC On-Demand, live instructor-led classes, and especially with the custom training events that we do with our larger clients like Boeing, Costco, Premera, Nike, Starbucks, and more.

How low can SQLSoft3 go?

Here’s a comparison on pricing from SQLSoft3 and four other training companies selling the same Microsoft Official Curriculum classes:

Class SQLSoft3 360Training QuickStart ONLC New Horizons TLG
Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases (10987) $1575 $2495 $2395 $2380 $2495
Developing Windows Azure and Web Services (20487) $1975 $2995 $2795 $2975 $2950

(Prices gathered Sept 16 – if things have changed please let us know so we can update).

Here’s something else to think about.

Our customers keep asking, “how do you provide quality training for those prices?”

  • Microsoft Official Curricula (MOC) – All Microsoft Learning Partners buy the SAME Microsoft Official Curricula (MOC) classes from Microsoft.
  • We charge less. A lot less. 30%-50% off our competitors classes in some cases. That means you could save $1,000 or more on a class. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican or an Independent, you should like seeing this kind of Trickle Down Theory in action.
  • Occasional sales or always on sale? These are our normal prices. Count on us to give you a deal.
  • Why do we charge less? It costs less to run the same quality classes these days. Instead of pocketing the difference, we pass the savings on to you. Ask yourself why it costs so much to go elsewhere.
  • We can Guarantee-to-RUN classes with less registrations than other Microsoft Learning Partners. Need a custom class for your company? We can run them in a regular classroom or even run them at your site or on the Web if that’s what you want and save you more $$$.

Now let’s discuss quality.

  • We have been in the training business for over 20 years. We pioneered providing IT Pro and Dev training in classrooms and particularly on the Web. Training over 50,000 It Pro and Dev students gives you a lot of practice.
  • We use only the best certified instructors; in fact some of them have been with us for 10-15 years. For example, Mike Culver. He is currently providing instruction for our upcoming Guaranteed-to-RUN Azure and SQL Server 2016 courses. Check him out here.
  • We work with some of the top companies – like Boeing, Costco, and more. They keep coming back so we must be doing something right.


Mark Scott
CEO and Chief Catalyst