Training Solutions

Three Types of Training Modalities and One Variation

The three different training modalities available from SQLSoft3 are:

  • MOC On-Demand Courses
  • Instructor-Led Classroom
  • Custom Training Events and Workshops

The one variation is that these days we have the capabilities to deliver any kind of training virtually or in a combination of Instructor-Led Classroom onsite or in a training room and still include students virtually-based anywhere in the world.

MOC On-Demand

We are currently offering a new Microsoft catalog of MOC On-Demand courses that allows you to learn at your own pace. These courses (30-40 hours each) include the same presentations, instructor videos, and interactive labs that are offered in the tradtional Instructor-Led courses and will help you learn how to best use Microsoft products. On-Demand training is a great way to supplement your existing skill set or quickly and efficiently ramp new team members. Click here for more.

Public Instructor-Led Classroom

Face-to-face and virtual instructor-led real time courses are held around the world in SQLSoft3 classroom facilities. In addition to being able to interact directly with the instructor, students have the opportunity to meet and network with industry peers. Click here for more.

Custom Training Events and Workshops

Custom training events and workshops delivered by SQLSoft3 can be tailored to your organization’s needs. We can include specific courses or merge information from several courses to support your organization’s needs. We can conduct these training sessions live at your location or virtually to reduce travel costs and easily include students in remote locations. Click here for more.

Variation: The Virtual Component

Live-streamed virtual courses (sometimes referred to as “remote training” enable students to have the instructor-led, classroom experience from anywhere in the world. These courses are comparable to traditional classroom training but save you the travel expense. Course material and hands-on labs are an available through a cloud-based teaching environment.