What to expect before, during, and after Instructor-Led class

When You Register

You will get a call from one of our Class Concierge’s to review your registration details and answer any questions you might have.

The Week Before Class

You will receive an e-mail containing

  • A link to your class conference
  • A link to your digital courseware and a security key to unlock your courseware
  • A link to your hosted labs

The Start Of Class

We ask that you connect to the class conference
20 minutes before the scheduled start time using the links provided in the email the week before to verify your GoToMeeting connection is working properly. If all students have tested their connections before class that helps ensure class is able to start as scheduled.

We ask that you listen carefully to the course schedule presented by the instructor to ensure that the course meets your expectations. If the course does not meet your expectations please contact your Class Concierge before lunch on the first day so that we can remedy the situation.

If you are unsure if you are in the right course please refrain from activating your courseware and lab access as we are charged for these items the first time they are accessed.

During Your Class

Classes have a morning and afternoon break and a longer break over the lunch hour. Your instructor will review the course schedule and timing throughout the class.

The End Of Class

On the last day of class the instructor will provide you with a link to fill out a short class evaluation administered by a third party. We ask that you please take the time to provide your feedback on your experience so we know it we’ve meet your expectations and identify any areas in which we could do better.

A course completion certificate will be e-mailed to you shortly after class.

1-2 Weeks Following Class

If you provide your e-mail address on the post-class evaluation you may receive one (1) brief follow up survey related to the course and whether it has helped in your job.